Third grade word operate excercise

 Essay in Third grade word job excercise

Cirlce five misspelt words through this announcement about a special live concert. Then ring the word which has a capitalization mistake. Don´t miss Friday's concert! The tone will give attention to early america. You will evin hear a jug music group. The femail group will sing favorit songs regarding wagen train locomotives, the Gold Rush, and California. 1 ) ________________2. ______________3. _______________

some. ________________5. ______________6. _______________

Indicate the correct phrase







Wite the missing list word.

1 . It is easy to ____________ this camera. finish

installment payments on your The ____________ of the plane has white hair. initial

3. My own flute educator has a new _______________. female

4. The mother kitty had two male kittens and one ______________ cat. lemon five. This Type of ____________ has two humps on its back. even six. You will be able to swim ____________ better after having a little snooze. pupil several. The music has a _____________ beat. truck

8. I pulled the kids in a ________________. focus

Locate the list term that fits every single word.

9. song_________robot

10. flower_________silent

11. fruit_________tulip

12. end_________music

13. vegetables_________rapid

14. quiet_________camel

15. machine_________salad

Write the lacking corresponding phrase. Use the underlined word as being a clue.

1 . Sara's joke is funny, but Diego's is the ______________ I've noticed.

2 . A hippo is definitely heavy, but an elephant can be ______________.

three or more. That picture is peculiar, but this is the ________________ of all.

5. Brent is usually angry, but David is _______________.

a few. Math is easy, but Transliteration is the ________________ of all.

six. Many movies are great, nevertheless this movie is the _____________ ever. Ring the word that may be spelled effectively.

1 . We picked out the easiest/easyestpuzzle.

2 . Have...


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