The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion

 The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion Essay

The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion

Thesis: The transcontinental railroad greatly increased Westward enlargement in the United States of America through the latter half of the nineteenth hundred years.

The history of the United States have been influenced by England in lots of ways. In the second half of the 1800's, the railroad, which was invented in England, a new major impact on Western development in the United States.

" Railroads were born in the uk, a country with dense

populations, short miles between cities, and large

financial resources. In America there have been different

instances, a thinning population in a huge country, large exercises between towns, and only the tiniest amounts of

cash. " (" Railroad" 85)

The first American railroads started in the 1830's from the Ocean ports of Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Charleston, and Savannah (Douglas 23). Within just twenty years, several rail lines had entered the Alleghenies to reach all their goal about `Western Waters' of the Great Lakes and also the tributaries in the Mississippi. In the meantime, other lines had began West in the Appalachian mountains, and by the mid-1850's Chicago, St . Paillette, and Memphis were connected to the East. Continue to other lines were extending Westward, beyond the Mississippi. An international course connected New England and Montreal and another one entered Southern Ontario between Niagara, New York, and the Detroit Water.

Through the 1850's, North and To the south routes had been developed the two East and West from the Alleghenies. It was not till after the Civil War, however , that a permanent railroad link was constructed across the Kentkucky River. After the Civil Warfare, the tempo of train building increased. The Pacific railroads, the Union Pacific building from Omaha, Nebraska, and the Central Pacific building from Sacramento, California, had started to make a transcontinental railroad during the war to help promote national unity. These were joined by Promontory, Ut, on May 12, 1869, doing the first rail connection across the continent.

Ahead of the transcontinental train, the Eastern railroads experienced lines working only since far Western as Omaha, Nebraska. The Western railroads had a couple of lines jogging North and South in California, considerably West with the wall of the Sierra Nevasca Mountains. In between these two systems was a large gap of around seventeen 100 miles of plains and mountain varies. Closing this gap was obviously a dream distributed by many People in america. Businessmen thought of all the cash they will certainly make by having an complete continent filled with customers and using the railroads to provide their needs. Romantics dreamed of the discoveries of wild Indians, scouts and hunters, and, of course , platinum. Gold have been a ideal find over the exploration of America. The California Gold Rush of 1849 again created much exhilaration about the search for precious metal.

The Pacific Railroads were founded when the Municipal War was at progress. Until the war was over, the transcontinental train was a big enterprise stalled by much arguing between a reluctant Our elected representatives and the Military, who had clamored for it (Cooke 254). Whether it had been kept to the govt, it would took another twenty years to complete the transcontinental railroad. Nevertheless , it was a commercial venture, and it was luckily fed by the adrenaline of competition. There are two train companies building the transcontinental railroad, the Union Pacific cycles from the East, and the Central Pacific from your West. Both the companies struggled to conquer each other in slamming down a record distance of monitor. At first, Congress avidly attacked the task and they got stipulated that the Central Pacific should end when it reached the A bunch of states Border (Congress was full of Easterners). In 1865, after much discussion about the aid the government was providing to the two companies, using the construction of the transcontinental train was started out. Then more than a century ago, Congress decided...

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