The Role of Information Security Policy

 The Part of Information Security Policy Article


The Part of Information Secureness Policy

Douglas Canary

CMGT 400

August 20, 2014

David Kell

The Role of Information Security Policy

The framework pertaining to an organization's information security program consists of policies and their respective standards and types of procedures. This article will analyze the relationship among policies, requirements, and methods and the functions they perform in an organization's information security program. In addition , the jobs that of persons inside and out of doors of the firm with respect to the creation of policy and standards will be reviewed. Finally, how an organization may meet data security require at each amount of security and how this relates to the information protection policy (ISP) content. Details Security Coverage (ISP)


Policies constitute the foundation of everything an organization is usually and does. Likewise, an INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER is the beginning of a company's information protection program. A policy is a high-level plan on just how an organization hopes to respond to certain concerns. An ISP sets the tone in the organizations information security program and creates the will and intent from the company in most information security matters. The ISP as well defines how the company can regulate its employees. Guidelines must support an organization's objectives and promote the organization's accomplishment. Policies need to never be illegal and must be defensible in a court of law. Policies has to be supported and administered pretty and constantly throughout the firm (Whitman & Mattford, 2010). The following sentences list some tips for producing and applying an ISP. A Clear Goal

It is essential that the ISP possess a clearly defined purpose. Particular objective will need to guide the creation of the ISP and the purpose should articulate exactly what the policy should be to accomplish (McConnell, 2002). McConnell (2002) even more notes that, " If you cannot explain why the policy exists, you can not expect the employees to understand it or follow it” (p. 2).

Employee Type

In expanding policies, it is a good idea to gain the input of the employees to which the policy will apply. Essentially, there should be by least one particular representative via each section. Allowing various employees give input for the policy, will help to ensure that there is nothing overlooked and that the policy is definitely understood (McConnell, 2002). Protection Awareness and Training Program

Moreover to attaining the employee's acknowledgement in the ISP for their positioning, the ISP should be portion of the security understanding and training curriculum. Ongoing consciousness training can focus on various security procedures (McConnell, 2002). It is important to hold the knowing of information protection matters refreshing in the minds of employees to avoid simply satisfied behaviors which may lead to serious violations. Adjustment

Enforcement is critical to the success of any policy; plans that are not unplaned are rapidly ignored. McConnell (2002) remarks, " An insurance policy that you are incapable or unwilling to impose is useless” (p. 2). If a coverage is unenforceable, it should be eliminated or revised to the point where it is enforceable. Not only must a plan be enforceable, it must be forced from the top rated down. When ever managers set the example, the rest of the staff are more likely to follow (McConnell, 2002).


Although policy units the overall plan or intent of the business in regards to information security, requirements define the actual elements instructed to comply with plan. For example , an acceptable usage insurance plan may stop employees coming from visiting unacceptable websites; the normal defines what websites are viewed as inappropriate (Whitman & Mattford, 2010). Requirements may be designed in house, nevertheless the common recommended way is always to utilize already established industry standards that could then be tailored to the organization's specific needs. Procedures

Procedures will be the step-by-step actions necessary to conform...

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