The Canadian Food and Beverage Market

 The Canadian Food and Beverage Market Essay

The Canadian Market

Market Size:

The citizenry of Canada is 33. 5 million. " Canada's current annual population progress rate can be 1 . 238%, or a daily increase of just one, 137 people. Last year, Chinese immigration to Canada for the number 30717, from 30043 the previous year increase of 2%. Consequently , Chinese migrant population in Canada's migrant population percentage. JDB tea beverage in China is quite popular, the operation of the discontinued red JDB is herbal tea industry's 1st brand, made from pure China herbal remedies preparation, warmth reduce pathogenic fire, exclusive function. Product sales network through China more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous locations, and released to Southeast Asia, European countries and the Usa and other spots. In the Canadian market drink is very popular. Beverages such as energy drinks, sporting activities drinks, and vitamin improved beverage sector is most common products. In which, JDB is belong to Nourishment Drinks. Beverage Market Share:


Energy Refreshments: 63%

Athletics Drinks: 27%

Nutrition Drinks: 10%


According to the Canadian market background to understand, Canadians on the top quality of meals and drink needs a growing number of high. In Canada Chinese populace proportion of share, China accounted for a greater proportion of JDB drink beverage marketplace, In China JDB tea beverage is fairly popular and is also a very healthy. So canada JDB beverage market demand will be large.


Customers of well being food and beverage of the increasingly high demand, we JDB tea beverage is a kind of normal health beverage. Usually, the Canadians will be in the behavior of having carbonated refreshments, for their physical health can be described as disadvantage, and our tea beverage should not only to chill their desire, but as well contribute to the physical health fitness. For children and elderly people, the tea drink is most useful to their wellness.


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