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 Strategic Marketing Essay



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PLAN: Edexcel BTEC Level several Professional Diploma or degree in Ideal Management and Leadership

UNIT NO/TITLE: Device 07 / Strategic Marketing Management

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Credit Value: 15

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* Understand the principles of strategic advertising management * Understand the equipment used to build a strategic online strategy * Manage to respond to changes in the marketing environment

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SYSTEM: Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Professional Degree in Strategic Management and Leadership

PRODUCT NO/TITLE: Product 07 / Strategic Promoting Management

TASK NO: 1 of 2Individual

Credit Value: 12

Learning Outcomes:

* Be familiar with principles of strategic advertising management 5. Understand the equipment used to produce a strategic online marketing strategy * Have the ability to respond to modifications in our marketing environment

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Due Date: 08th September 2013Submission Date:

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