Basic Notes in English

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WORD: A group of words and phrases which expresses a complete thought. A sentence must include a subject and a limited verb.

There are four types of sentences:

(1). STATEMENTS (2). QUESTIONS (3). EXCLAMATIONS (5). COMMANDS (IMPERATIVES) Sentences could be classified as easy sentences, compound sentences, or perhaps complex phrases. A Phrase may be divided into a subject [ (who or what? )- the term that follows the topic is certainly not the object, it is the complement i actually. e was, became etc . ] and a predicate [ (the rest of the sentence) expands about them and begins with the action-word. The predicate is split up into verb, diect/indirect object ]

PARTS OF SPEECH; Every single word within a sentence is known as according to it's function. NOUN: Identifying word [ (common noun)- common everyday things (proper noun)- names of people places and so forth ( collective nouns)- titles a collection or perhaps group (absract noun)- something which is not visible or perhaps tangible ]. PRONOUN: Stands in place of the noun my spouse and i. e the lady, it etc . ADJECTIVE: Describing word.

VERB: Carrying out word.

ADVERB: Changes the action-word.

COMBINATION: Joining phrase.

PREPOSITION: 'small words' which bring up phrases or words collectively. ARTICLE: 'a' 'an' or 'the' which precede nouns or adjectives.

CHARACTERS OF CONVERSATION: used to exhibit ourselves imaginatively, visually and powerfully. Typically classified because:


(a) Simile: A direct comparability, contains the words 'as' or perhaps 'like'. (b) Metaphor: A comparision without the use of what 'as' or 'like'. ( c) Personification: Gives human being qualities to inanimative objects or summary ideas. (d) Apostrophe: resolved or voiced to as though it were human.


(a) Alliterations: The repetition of consonant appears at the beginning of terms. It often illustrates the expression of motion. (b) Assonance: The repitition of vowel sounds. ( c) Onomotopoeia: uses...


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