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Module 2: Social Institutions-Family, Education and Religion.


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Territory: Jamaica

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Day: May 2011


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This topic was chosen away of fascination as to kind of of school creates the more socially competent (rounded) students and also because it is a unique topic to check into. High School is very important for the introduction of a teenager. It truly is instrumental in moulding teens into decent citizens, whom socialize to teens and pay attention to the value of work, good citizenship and interpersonal responsibility. It exposes them to various extra-curricular activities, helping them to gain exposure to management role-modelling at various levels throughout institution life as well as their own engagement in command. The words " socially competent” or " rounded” way to be finish. The more coverage and duties a teen performs adds to and helps in their personal development. The teen must also stand out academically as well as in extra-curricular actions.

From statement it would seem that some schools are more good at producing socially competent graduates than other folks. Immaculate seems to be one of those generating schools. Flawless Conception Senior high school and Kellits High School will be investigated by comparison to determine if students attending Jamaican Co-educational schools will be more socially skilled than learners attending Same-sex schools. Immaculate Conception High school graduation, a traditional Jamaican High School, started in January 1858 by the Franciscan Sisters. It is located at 152 Constant Planting season Road. The school obtains large pass costs annually for the Carribbean Secondary Exam Certificate (CSEC). Here, college students are moulded to become adding members of their communities and society. Kellits High School is an upgraded nontraditional high school and was founded in 1971. Located in Kellits, Clarendon, it includes many Technological as well as Academic Proficiency Subject matter for students to pursue inside the Caribbean Secondary Examination License (CSEC). Students educated here become respectable citizens including skilled personnel and farmers.




1 . Fulfill the requirements for any Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Assessment Unit A single Sociology Award. 2 . Get hold of data associated with the research of the speculation: " Learners attending Jamaican Co-educational universities are more socially competent than students going to Same-sex colleges. ” GOALS:


* uncover the level of proficiency of pupils at single-sex schools in Jamaica 5. ascertain the amount of competence of students for co-educational educational institutions in Jamaica * review these degrees of social proficiency of pupils in Jamaican Co-educational schools and pupils from Same-sex schools. 5. determine whether the data supports the hypothesis that " Students participating in Jamaican Co- educational universities are more socially competent than students participating in Same-sex universities. ” 5. determine the amount of social competence at Immaculate Conception High school graduation versus the amount of social competence of college students at Kellits High School. 5. present the information graphically and numerically with the aid of diagrams * analyse data collected with the aid of computers


Multiple ways of data collection can improve understanding of the phenomena under study. Sample

The Quantitative research procedure was used. 20 questionnaires every single were distributed to college students attending Immaculate Conception High school graduation and Kellits High School. The questionnaires contained twenty questions each, with fifteen shut down ended and five open up ended inquiries. There was a 100 percent yield rate and simple random sampling utilized to select the sampling population.

Data Collection Instrument...

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