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University of Calabar

Faculty of Science

Office of Physics (Electronic and Computer Technology unit) Industrial Training Report


Inspiragh Solutions Ltd

#55 Owerri Street Nnewi, Anambra State

By simply:



Course Code: ECT 4500

Submitted to:


Department of Physics

(Electronic and Computer system unit)

University or college of Calabar


In Partial Completion of the Program Requirement for being Bachelor of Science Degree (B. sc) In Consumer electronics and Software 4

TABLE OF CONTENT Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Part One 1 ) 0 Intro 1 . one particular Aims and Objectives with the SIWES System Chapter Two 2 . 0 Address, History and Services of Inspiragh Solutions 2 . 1 ORGANOGRAM of Inspiragh Technology Chapter Three 3. zero The work area Covered three or more. 1 Excitable Text Mark-Up Language (HTML) 3. 2 Cascading Design Sheet (CSS) 3. three or more Adobe Dreamweaver 3. 4 Adobe fireworks 3. a few swish Maximum 3. six PHP several. 7 MySql 3. almost eight Computer (Hardware/Software) Installation & Maintainace 3. 9 Coupling, installation and repair of other IT and Gadgets equipments several. 1 . 0 Closed Routine television (CCTV) 3. 1 ) 1 Digital Satellite Television 3. 1 . a couple of Anti-Virus Part Four four. 0 Expertise Acquired in Inspiragh Solutions Chapter Five 5. zero Problems Experienced Chapter 6 6. 0 Recommendations Part Seven 7. 0 Bottom line 5


DEDICATION In the depth of my heart, I allocate this report to The Lord Almighty, The father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whose grace remain endless and to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Umeh, Godwin Chidi. For their love, support and care through the entire period of my own industrial training. 7


May most glory, honour and love be unto The Lord Changeless, The father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whose mercies remained infinite during my industrial training period. My many sincere appreciation goes as well, to the coordinator of Electronic devices and Computer Technology (ECT) device, department of Physics, University or college of Calabar, Prof. A. I. Menkiti for being not just a lecturer nevertheless more than a dad. I wish to claim a big thanks to Mr. Godwin Chimeziri (The supervisor of Inspiragh Technologies) who also also was my director during my schooling, and the whole staff of Inspiragh Solutions. Finally, For all my sibblings and close friends (Stevebryan Ofem, Richard Ekanen, Pastor K. C Ojukwu, Adaeze Anyaegbunam, Imaobong Udofia, Uju Umeh, Daniel Umeh, Barr. Solowise Ezike... ) It's without a doubt a very huge but just know that you have influenced my life in a very special method and for that, you are always and forever appreciated. The staff and students of Physics department, School of Calabar for having been there personally, You are the most effective. 8


In respect towards the federal government's policy, that all part IV (400 level) undergraduates of Electronic and Computer Technology product of Physics department inside the University of Calabar need to proceed about industrial schooling under the College student Industrial Job history Scheme (SIWES) scheme which can be aimed at exposing the students to practical difficulties ahead of these people in the work market upon graduation. I use benefited greatly from this program and this specialized report addresses the weeks of my attachment with Inspiragh Technologies, Nnewi. This covers the day to day time activities at my stay at Inspiragh Technologies. This survey therefore shows the training process and the activities acquired inside the various areas of Information Technology and also other electronic devices. The challenges came across during the plan with alternatives which I believe if executed will improve the industrial training scheme is also one of them report. being unfaithful



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