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Introduction to NSTP

What is the legal basis of the Countrywide Service Training Program (NSTP)? 1 . The Nationwide Service Training course (NSTP) Rules or RA 9163 also called " A great Act Establishing the Countrywide Service Training Program (NSTP) to get tertiary level students, amending for the purpose Republic Act No . 7077 and Presidential Decree No . 1706, and for other purposes. ” was enacted last January 2002 to amend the Expanded ROTC.

What is the legal basis of the Countrywide Service Training course (NSTP)? 2 . This program was executed to enhance civic consciousness and defense readiness in the youngsters by developing the integrity of service and patriotism while going through training in any kind of its three (3) plan components, specifically designed to enhance the youth's active contribution towards the general welfare.

What are the components of the NSTP?

• Arrange Officer's Schooling Corps [ROTC] - Identifies the program aspect, institutionalized underneath Section 37 and 39 of Republic Act No . 7077, created to provide military training to motivate, train organize and mobilize all of them for countrywide defense preparedness.

What are the constituents of the NSTP?

• Social Welfare Training Service [CWTS] Refers to this program component or activities contributory to the general welfare plus the betterment of life to get the associates of the community or the enlargement of it is facilities, in particular those devoted to increasing health, education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, entertainment and meaning of the citizenry and other interpersonal welfare companies.

What are the components of the NSTP?

• Literacy Training Service [LTS] - Refers to this software component designed to train the scholars to teach literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out-ofschool youth and also other segments of society in need of their providers.

Who are covered by the NSTP Law?

• Most incoming freshmen students, men, female, starting school season (SY) 2002-2003, enrolled in any baccalaureate in addition to at least two (2) year technical-vocational or relate courses, have to complete one particular (1) NSTP component of all their choice, as a graduation need; All higher and technical-vocational education establishments must for least offer one (1) of the NSTP components.


Who happen to be covered by the NSTP Law?

• Condition universities and colleges (SUC'S), shall provide you with the ROTC aspect and at least one (1) other NSTP component. The Philippine Armed service Academy (PMA), Philippine Service provider Marine Schools (PMMA), Philippine National Authorities Academy (PNPA), and other SUC's of identical nature, consideringg the exceptional character of such institutions, will be exempted in the NSTP.


Who will be covered by the NSTP Law?

• Personal higher education and technicalvocational education institutions with at least 350 college student cadets, may well offer the ROTC component and therefore establish / maintain a Department Of Military Science and Tactics (DMST), controlled by the existing rules of the Armed Forces Of The Philippines (AFP).

Precisely what is the timeframe and comparative course device of each with the NSTP Element? • Each one of the NSTP part shall be performed for a great academic length of two (2) semesters pertaining to 54 to 90 schooling hours per semester. It shall be a certain amount for three (3) units per semester.

What fees shall be charged to students acquiring any of the NSTP components? • No different fees will be collected except basic expenses fees, that ought to not be than 50% of the charges of the university per academics unit.

Exactly how are Clustering and CrossEnrollment done?

• Clustering of pupils from different education corporations during semestral or summer season periods may be done for any of the NSTP component, taking into account logistics, subset of service and geographical places. The sponsor school will probably be responsible in managing the Program.

How are Clustering and CrossEnrollment done?

• Schools which in turn not satisfy the required quantity of students to keep up the optionally available ROTC and any of...


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