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 Proposal of Leadership Composition

Study course: Leadership

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Published To: Friend Mussarat Khan

Submitted by: Mariam Munir

Javeria Nadeem

M. Waleed Qasim

Fizzah Iftikhar

Madiha Raja

MBA – three or more Y


Course: Leadership

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Submitted To: Sir Mussarat Khan

Published by: Mariam Munir

Javeria Nadeem

M. Waleed Qasim

Fizzah Iftikhar

Madiha Hendidura

MBA – 3 Con


Job Background

There is a school in focus to get unprivileged learners, Golra Institution for girls. The Teaching methodologies are not good as they should become. Students of kindergarten attend university because it is cost-free for their father and mother so subsequently teachers may work hard in enhancing student's knowledge. Classes are not much furnished so learners don't think it is attractive which leads to the absents of college students. Our course demands to generate leadership characteristics within our personal and the college students by providing these people confidence and knowledge through activities. Job Objective

Were focused on bringing change in the training environment through which we can boost our leadership traits by conducting fun learning actions in the classroom to get kindergarteners. Task Implementation/Activities:

* Step one – We have currently visited the F. G Golra School for Girls and taken the consent from the Principal to conduct active activities among students of kindergarten (section A & B). The total number of students is 26 in each section. * Second step – all of us will carry out interactive actions for two times (one day for each class). We are total 5 group members; every single person is responsible for one activity to ensure that each member can act as leader in their individual activities. Activities include:

Activities| Discription| Members Responsibility

Class Decoration| Charts, Drawings etc . |

Math's activities| It's about Time, Count and match, just how many? | M. Waleed| Science activities| Shape Shadow, left or right, stage by...


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