п»їOutcome 1Promote equality and diversity in work with children and young people 1 ) 1 Current legislation and codes of practice

Every Child Things 2003 and Children Action 2004

Just read was put into place to ensure that all organisations and organizations involved with children between birth and 19 years will need to work together ensure that children have the support would have to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and ahieve economic well-being. The key aspect of the Act was to overhaul child protection and chilren's services in britain. Every Child Matters continues to be futher created through the publication of the Little one's Plan 3 years ago which sets out to improve educational outcomes for any children.

Race Relations Act 1976 and 2000

This places a lawful duty upon schools in promoting race equality. It can make it against the law for any person being discriminated against, whether indirectly. Schools are expected to improve the academic achievements of children and promote equivalent opportunities and good contact between distinct racial groups. Schools are also required to possess a race equality policy which is linked to an action prepare.

Disability Discrimintaion Act 95 and june 2006

This achieved it illegal intended for services (shops and employers) to discriminate against impaired people. According to this Work, a person has a disability in the event ‘he /or she/ provides a physical or mental disability which has a significant and long lasting adverse impact on his /or her/ capability to carry out regular day-to-day activities'. Now it is a statutory necessity to inspire the add-on of children with disabilities in mainstream schools. The Incapacity and Elegance Act 2006 builds on the 1995 Act by demanding all universities to produce a Impairment Equality System. This need to set out ways that schools enhance equality of opportunity and promote positive attitudes towards pupils, staff and others who also are handicapped. Also, there should be an Accessibility Plan set up which identifies how a school raises access to the curriculum increase the physical environment and provide information in a range of strategies to meet the needs of people who have diability.

SEN Code of Practice 2001

The Unique Educational Demands and Disability Act 2001 strengthened the rights of fogeys and SEN children to mainstream education. It produced significant becomes the educational chances that are available to children with disabilities and special educational needs.

Human Rights Act 1998

The United Nations first set a standard on human legal rights in 1948 with the Universal Declaration of Human Legal rights. In 1998 the Human Rights Take action gave another legal status to this. The standard human rights are: the justification to life

independence from torture and awkward treatment

flexibility from captivity and forced time

the right to liberty

the right to fair trial

the best not to become punished intended for something that wasn't a crime at the time you did it the right to respect for private and family existence

freedom of thought, mind and religious beliefs, and flexibility to express the beliefs independence of expression

freedom of assembly and association

the right to marry and start a friends and family

the right to never be discriminated against in respect

t of the rights and freedoms

the justification to peaceful enjoyment of your property

the justification to an education

the right to participate in free of charge elections

the best not to experience the death penalty.

ESTE Convention around the Rights from the Child 1989

The UK signed this legitimately binding contract in 1990. It prospects on in the Human Privileges Act and sets out the rights of most children to get treated similarly and quite and without splendour.

1 . a couple of The imprtance of promotiong the privileges to involvement and equal rights of gain access to All students should be able to fully access all areas of the curriculum. The creation of the Every single Child Matters framework as well as the focus on customized learning in most sectors of education has also made this high...


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