How will you keep me safe if I order an essay?

Satisfied customers are what keeps Our Site up and running! Endangering you would be endangering us. That’s why we put such strong emphasis on securing our clients’ data and all of the traffic on our website. Our client database is highly confidential and we will not misuse your data, sell it, exchange it or share it with anyone else no matter the circumstances. Everything we collect about you while you use our website is collected only to allow you to use our services and to enhance and customize your experience on our page. We will protect you from viruses, malware or shareware since we scan every file we send you with specialized programs of the highest quality. We will not expose our clients to any inconvenience whatsoever since we value the professional relationships that we form with them greatly. We understand that anonymity is an absolute necessity with services like this and we provide it to you 100%.

What information about me will you collect?

When you fill out an order form, it will be required that you submit your name, email address, phone number and the information about your order. This information is necessary for efficient direct communication about the specifics of your order. We will also keep you informed via email about our special offers, discounts and prices.

We take great precaution in handling your payments and we monitor every transaction closely, to prevent any attempts of theft or manipulation with your financial data. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you will be asked for information about it and you’ll need to verify it as means of payment with some government issued ID. That is a measure that will keep you safe too. Our Site has secured financial transactions on our website extremely carefully and meticulously for the protection of our service and you as our client too.

Information collected through web traffic

Information that is automatically generated when you visit our website to have a look or to order something cannot be used to track you or to learn about your identity or whereabouts. This is kept for our internal statistical purposes only and is not revealed to anyone under any circumstances. We will update your time zone with that, customize the site to your preferences by showing you content and offers that might interest you the most. Cookies are necessary for the interactive features on Our Site webpage, and your live chat might not work properly if you disabled them in your browser settings.

We are not under any obligation to reveal information about our clients to academic institutions or employers and we will not do that. Someone could gain access to our database only in special cases covered by strict laws. We know that academic penalties are severe and we will not put your education or career at risk. We will not publically reveal that you’ve used our service or betray your trust in any other way. If you still have questions or worries to discuss, contact our support team. They are always available to you through the live chat feature.