Which content is considered plagiarized?

Plagiarism has become worryingly prevalent in academic writings today and all universities struggle to eliminate it completely. Every student’s paper is closely scrutinized and penalties for submitting work that has elements of someone else’s work are severe. You might not even intentionally want to commit plagiarism but you don’t know how to incorporate someone else’s work as a proper reference because no one taught you how to do it. Plagiarism is not only stealing someone’s work and putting your name under it. You are not allowed to simply rewrite someone’s sentences using other words and get away with it. Your excellent vocabulary is not enough of an asset here.

All source materials must be properly cited, your list of references must include everything you used as inspiration, but that is not enough. Academic writing requires you to use someone else’s work only as a source for inspiration and for hard facts, but you have to make a unique and critical contribution to that field of science with your own original remarks. That can be a truly challenging task that requires a lot of skills, a lot of your time invested and creative energy that you might be lacking currently.

How can you be punished for plagiarism?

You will get into a lot of trouble, that’s for sure. You will lose time because you’ll need to write everything all over again if you’re not immediately failed. If you’re at a higher level of education, they might even take severe disciplinary actions against you, which can get you suspended or even worse, depending on the severity of your offense. For PhD undergraduates, plagiarism is considered a deadly sin, and you might even lose your previously earned degrees and face legal consequences. The risk is simply too much. You can suffer serious consequences in your chosen career path and even lose everything you’ve accomplished so far.

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