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International Diary of Linguistics

ISSN 1948-5425

2013, Volume. 5, Number 4

Ideational Grammatical Metaphor in Medical Texts: A

Hallidayan Perspective

Bahram Kazemian (Corresponding author)

Department of English, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Usa E-mail: [email protected] com

Biook Behnam

Office of British, Tabriz Part, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran Email-based: [email protected] com

Naser Ghafoori

Department of English, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University or college, Tabriz, Serbia E-mail: [email protected] ac. ir

Received: August 8, 2013

doi: 15. 5296/ijl. v5i4. 4192

Recognized: August nineteen, 2013

Posted: August twenty-eight, 2013



Scientific Texts are generally centered on very technical terms, and perhaps they are troublesome to comprehend due to their complexity in forms and meanings. Grammatical metaphor is split up into two wide areas: ideational and sociable. This daily news focuses on the first type i. electronic. Ideational Grammatical Metaphor, which includes process types and nominalization. This daily news adopts Hallidayan Systemic Efficient Grammar to pinpoint and analyze nominalization and the role played because of it. With a a of twelve authentic medical texts drawn from very important magazines, the analysis is definitely conducted based on nominalization, the frequency and process types. The analysis displays that Ideational Grammatical Metaphor features permeated clinical texts and the prevailing procedure types happen to be material and relational types. Consequently, the tone of the writing is more abstract, technological and formal. Instances of IGM In scientific writing enable technicality and rationality. Depending on the results of this examine, some implications can be sketched for academic and medical 146

International Journal of Linguistics

ISSN 1948-5425

2013, Vol. 5, No . 4

writing and studying as well as interpraters, students and instructors associated with writing and reading pedagogy.

Keywords: Systemic functional linguistics, Grammatical metaphor, Ideational grammatical metaphor, Nominalization, Process types, Scientific texts


International Diary of Linguistics

ISSN 1948-5425

2013, Volume. 5, Number 4

1 ) Introduction

The Systemic-Functional Sentence structure was developed in 1970s by the United kingdom linguist Meters. A. T Halliday, and this particular method to the study of grammar is significant because it links the gap between sociable and linguistic structure within a precise manner. The basic presumption surrounding Halliday's systemic theory is that type and function of grammar enjoy a fundamental position in discourse formation and this there is a choice of linguistic options available to meet various cases of social needs. Systemic functional linguistics (SFL) is an approach to linguistics that regards dialect as a social semiotic program. Michael Halliday (1985, 1994) took the notion of SFL from his teacher, L R Firth (Graber, 2001; Aronoff & Miller, 2003).

The assumptive and methodological approach underpinning this job is Grammatical Metaphor (GM) by Halliday (1985, 1994). SFL considers language as a semantic design of connotations that are generally bound plan a particular context. According to SFL, vocabulary thus can not be separated by either their speakers or perhaps its circumstance. The noncongruent ways of coding language happen to be referred to as GMC (Halliday, 85, 1994; Halliday & Matthiessen, 1999). Hence, GM is known as a resource that language utilizes to encapsulate information simply by conveying concepts in an incongruent form which is very useful in medical genres as a method of articulating objectification and abstraction. And GM has been of paramount importance in the development of scientific genre, especially in the form of nominalized processes (Webster, 2005b; Halliday & Webster, 2009).

Halliday (1985, 1994) has labeled GM in to Ideational Grammatical metaphor (IGM) and interpersonal Grammatical...

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