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Its my personal first time to walk only, in 1st 30 minutes to do my vision quest there is also a little harder it my personal part typically in my mind, mainly because while I are walking my childhood experience flashback in my mind, really I no longer want to remind once again my childhood working day, because that part of warring are one of the worst component that I ever had, I can't experience the cheerful and complete family members during that time, because of that through this part of my own quest mix feeling occur to me, monotony and a little anxious maybe because of the negative thoughts creating to my way of thinking, and when We stop at play ground I'm as being a child wish to play but I control my personal, maybe mainly because I'm to old to that in Now i'm only one person in that place, and Now i'm just convinced that if anyone see myself and enjoy at the play ground I'm incredibly aware what exactly they are feedback to me.

In this mission I'm also feel the time dreaming when walking I could see a several car and i also imagine that later on I have my car with this part my thoughts change into confident because car motivate me personally to pursue my do it yourself to finish and studying hard, but during I'm walking the fliers that two guy provided to me change my interest because that fliers happen to be about work hiring and I'm convinced that I want to have a car My spouse and i says merely apply likely this is the option the myself to buy an automobile but my favorite quotation insert into my thoughts its regarding ‘ Option my knock once simply, But attraction leans within the doorbell ‘ and my personal attention to my study I request to my own self basically finish my own study not simply car nevertheless also a good job waiting to my opinion, and I think during my quotation the chance is my own scholarship now and the temptations during that period are the fliers that inflict to me to use a work.

Additionally, it flashback in my mind what that says my classmate about the 5 pupils failed in Educ. several subject. I feel the hopeless because Now i'm thinking probably one the 5 will be me, I believe nervous and a little stressed I says if that happen We don't know what I doing to my self, the word committing suicide insert to my mind but later on that change into confident I says I'm certainly not belong to the 5 college students

I encounter a weird feeling because of lot of persons walk in street and Now i'm thinking those individuals look at myself and right now there think a thing to me and noise of many vehicles' distract to me to think positive for this reason I end and peaceful my mind to divert my own thinking in to positive and probably it very helpful to my opinion because my thoughts gradually divert into positive,

On the last of my eyesight quest I do believe this are definitely the very learning part and it gives me a clearly which means of my entire life, first before I end up for overpass for Ligaya street Marcos highway the thoughts insert to my way of thinking the paranoid part of my personal experience although I'm jogging, I says I avoid care others what thoughts creating in there mind, what I doing now i am happy and who they are within my self. And when I stop at center of overpass it about 5; 30 PM HOURS the climate are to hot because of pollution created a whole lot vehicle in road and I look up in the sky and i also says Our god how long My spouse and i experience a risk and difficulty in my life, and a few seconds I turn my head inside the other aspect of the over pass and I saw the ‘pulubi' and I feel mixed emotion anger and ‘awa', and I understand that I'm and so blessed since I'm not like a ‘pulubi' they much ‘kawawa' than to me in addition to my case I much a lot of opportunity than to her. In again My answer is to god. thank for what I have now,

I figure out how to this pursuit a popularity and learn by the experience, different person blame experience set their into worst situation, but they certainly not realize that experience are best to experience a good first step toward our existence, other person they not accept what they have now like me. in my pursuit it give me a clear thoughts or understanding that whatever happen are useful to...


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