Business Studies Manipulated Assessment

 Business Studies Controlled Examination Essay

п»їBusiness Studies Controlled Examination

My small business introduction

A brief information of my personal small business.

My small business is known as a local business that is located near their potential customers on Nags Mind Road, Enfield. This small enterprise is a small off lenience that it is a single trader nonetheless it does have two employees doing work for him on a regular basis. A small selection of the products/services are that this provides for their customers if perhaps things like bread, sweets, drink, alcohol and a key meter that allows you to place money within the key, which in turn provides the clients with electrical energy for their homes. Another thing this small business provides to the consumers is that it allows those to top up their oyster card to enable them to travel about London. The buyer profile of shoppers would be ten years and previously mentioned, this business attracts all ages of customers if you are a young or a senior person. Furthermore this business offers a standard/excellent customer care which gives this small business an excellent name and reputation.

Map from the location of my business and its front and aspect view in the shop.

Client Profile

Competition and their location/ for what reason they are rivals.

I have identified my competition by executing primary exploration and extra research by means of a set of questions and the net. Off Permit This business is located for Durants Street and they offer competition to my business because they will just like my business can also be off permit who practically sell the same products by say several prices. This kind of business gets the upper benefits as they are also nearer for their customers and they are located on the main road which provides them more customers to advertise at that will be driving past. This then simply gives them more of a opportunity to make even more sales and more profit than my business. Tesco extra

This organization is located for Southbury Pole, EN1 1RT and this popular business provides completion to my small company due to that being so big therefore well known in 13 countries including the United Kingdom and they intend to still grow. Tesco offer the same items to the customers but in a lower and cheaper price attracting more. Moreover there is a massive merchandise portfolio providing the customers mare like a chose. Furthermore they appeal to to all age range from young children to elderly people. Lick'n Chick'n

This also business is located correct next to Tesco's. They will happen to be a great indirect threat to my personal small business due to them certainly not selling similar products and services as mine. However they sell chicken breast and snacks and hamburgers etc ., that happen to be cheap and fill persons up and attract all of them. This business attracts consumers by making deals not like my personal business because they attract consumers using posters on their home windows using dazzling and daring colors to draw the customer's eyes. Asda

This organization is located in 67 High Street, Ponders End, Enfield, EN3 4EF and so they just like Petrol station, big opponents with related products and a broad product collection. Asda when compared to Tesco have an overabundance cheaper products which is a threat to my personal small business plus they may be bankrupt if major brands like Tesco and Asda decide to build more of their business closer to my potential clients.

SWOT analysis pertaining to my small business.

Competitive strategies of my small business Off Permit: Product

Description of the product/service of my business.

The products that my small businesses entrepreneur offers are such things as tobacco, alcohol, groceries as well as the things which might be convenience in a normal individuals day to day lifestyle because my own small business sees that if somebody forgets some thing when doing all their weekly searching they can quickly pop in with their (my little businesses) shop and they are fine and don't be concerned. They also supply a guaranty support and deliver what the...


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