One- and Two-Sample Checks of Hypothesis, Variance, and Chi-Squared Research Problem Sets

 One- and Two-Sample Checks of Hypothesis, Variance, and Chi-Squared Analysis Problem Pieces Essay

Chapter 10

23. A new weight-watching company, Fat Reducers Foreign, advertises those who sign up for will lose, around the average, 10 pounds the first a couple weeks with a regular deviation of 2. 8 pounds. A randomly sample of fifty people who signed up with the new weight reduction program revealed the indicate loss to become 9 pounds. At the. 05 level of significance, can we determine that those getting started with Weight Reducers on average will suffer less than 10 pounds? Identify the p-value.


H0: = 15 pounds

H1: < 10 pounds

Reject the null hypothesis if Z . < -1. 65

being unfaithful. 0 – 10. 00

Z= ---------------- sama dengan -2. 53

2 . 8/sqrt(50)

The null hypothesis can be rejected, the average weight loss is less than 10 pounds.

p-value =. 5000 -. 4943 =. 0057

32. Dole Pineapple, Incorporation. is concerned the fact that 16-ounce can of sliced pineapple is being overfilled. Presume the standard deviation of the procedure is. goal ounces. The coffee quality control section took a random test of 50 containers and found that the arithmetic indicate weight was 16. 05 ounces. In the 5 percent standard of significance, can we conclude which the mean excess weight is greater than 16 ounces? Determine the p-value.


H0: = = sixteen ounces

H1: = > 16 pounds

Decline the null hypothesis if perhaps Z > 1 . sixty-five

16. 05 – 18. 00

Z= ---------------- = 10. 79

. 03/sqrt(50)

The null hypothesis is usually rejected, seeing that 11. seventy nine is more than 1 . sixty five. The 16-ounce cans can be overfilled.

p-value ~ zero.

38. A recently available article in The Wall Street Journal reported that the 30-year mortgage rate is actually less than 6 percent. An example of ten small banks in the Midwest revealed the next 30-year costs (in percent):

At the. 01 significance level, can we consider that the 30-year mortgage rate for small banking companies is less than six percent? Estimation the p-value.


H0: = 6 percent

H1: < 6th percent

Reject the null hypothesis if perhaps t < -2. 99

5. 638 – 6th. 0

t= ---------------- = -1. 61

. 6346/sqrt(8)

T is not < -2. 99 so the null hypothesis can be accepted. The 30-year type of mortgage is not less than 6 percent.

p-value =. 669

Part 11

27. A recent study centered on the number of instances men and women whom live by itself buy take-out dinner in a month. The information is described below.

At the. 01 relevance level, is there a difference inside the mean quantity of times women and men order take-out dinners within a month? Precisely what is the p-value?


H0: = You cannot find any difference in the mean to get take out dinner times for men and women. H1: = There is a difference in the imply for sign up for dinner moments for men and women.

Decline the null hypothesis in the event z > 2 . 33

24. 51 – 22. 69 1 . 82

Z= ------------------------------- = ------- = 1 ) 871

Sqrt(4. 482/35 & 3. 862/40). 973

Z < 2 . thirty-three, thus the null hypothesis is accepted. There is no big difference in the mean for take out dinner instances for men and women.

P-value = (. 5 --. 4693) =. 031

46. Grand Strand Family Clinic is especially set up to deal with minor medical emergencies for visitors to the Myrtle Seashore area. You will discover two establishments, one in the tiny River Area and the other in Murrells Inlet. The coffee quality Assurance Office wishes to compare the mean ready time for people at the two locations. Types of the waiting times, reported in minutes, comply with:

Assume the population standard deviations are not the same. With the. 05 relevance level, do they offer a difference inside the mean ready time?


H0 sama dengan There is no difference in the indicate for waiting time upon Little River vs . Murrells Inlet location.

H1 sama dengan There is difference in the indicate for ready time on Little Riv location vs . Murrells Inlet location.

With 20 level of freedom and. 05 significance level, the critical t values will be -2. 086 and 2 . 086.

Two-sample T to get Little Lake vs Murrells Inlet

N Mean StDev SE Imply...


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