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My own Country Pakistan


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Geographical Location

• Pakistan




mountainous location adjoining

Central Asia plus the Middle East.

• Has a 1, 046 kilometer (650 mile)

shoreline along the Arabian Sea

and Gulf of Oman inside the south,

and is also bordered simply by Afghanistan

and Iran on the western part of the country, the Republic

of India in the east and the

Peoples' Republic of China in the

far northeast.

• Pakistan has been called part of

the brand new Middle East.

”My country Pakistan” Made by: Pakistani Pupils


”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistani Students

Environment of Pakistan

 Pakistan has several seasons:

- A cool, dry out winter by December

through February;

- A popular, dry early spring from March

through May well

- The summer rainy season, or

freebie southwest monsoon period, from

June through Sept;

- the retreating monsoon period of

October and The fall of.

 Rain fall can vary substantially from yr

to year, and effective patterns of

flooding and drought are usually not


”My region Pakistan” Made by: Pakistani Pupils


• The following are significant

languages spoken in


– Punjabi (Panjabi) 61 million

– Pashto (three major varieties)

19 , 000, 000

– Sindhi 19 mil

– Seraiki (Saraiki) 16 million

– Urdu eleven million

– Balochi (three major

varieties) 6 mil

– The english language is standard Language

”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistaner Students

Main Cities of Pakistan

• There are 271 big and small metropolitan areas

in Pakistan but the most well-known

and major cities are listed below:






”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistani Students


Karachi is the largest associated with Pakistan.

The city has an predicted population of

21 million people since April 2012.

It is Pakistan's center of banking,

sector, economic activity and control and

can be





corporations, including those associated with

textiles, shipping.

Karachi is definitely the most populated city in the

country, is the world's greatest city in

terms of population and also the 11th

largest urban

agglomeration in



”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistani Students


• Islamabad is



of Pakistan and

the ninth

largest city near your vicinity.

• Islamabad is a well-organized

international metropolis divided into

several different sectors and

zones. It really is regarded as the

most created city in

Pakistan and is ranked as

a Gamma- universe city.

”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistaner Students


• second-most


Muslim-majority country

• also has the second-largest

Shi'a population inside the


• About




Pakistanis happen to be Muslim.

• 5% will be others (Hindu, Sikh

& Christen)

”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistani Students

Made use of

• The Religious break up of

the nation is as employs:

• Islam 173, 500, 000 (95%)


• Hinduism

several, 200, 500

(1. 85%).

• Christianity

2, 800, 000

(1. 6%).

• Sikhs


20, 500

(0. 04%).

”My region Pakistan” Made by: Pakistani Learners


• Hockey

Pakistan 4 times earned the world

police officer

• Squash �

Jahangir Khan: He won the�

World Available:  six times and the

Uk Open:  a record 10 times


• Kabaddi:

”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistaner Students

Sports activities


Pakistan two times champion of

snooker universe cup (1994 & 2012)


3rd Location in Streets World Cup


Cricket, Ping pong,

Volleyball & basketball

”My country Pakistan” Prepared by: Pakistani Students

Pakistan Wildlife

Markhore (Ibex)

Countrywide Animal of Pakistan

Pakistani Music

• There are four main families of

musical instruments in Pakistan and

more than...


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