Mission Vision Social Responsibility

 Mission Eye-sight Social Responsibility Essay

Mission-Vision-Social Responsibility


Management and Corporation Theory


Professor Contee-Borders

March 30, 2013

Mission-Vision-Social Responsibility

South west Airlines:

The Mission of Southwest Air carriers

" The mission of Southwest Air carriers is dedication to the finest quality of Customer support delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit”. (Southwest Flight companies, 2008, l. 23) The Mission of Jet Green Airlines Buyer Bill of Rights

Jet Blue has no mission declaration in the classic sense. What they do have nevertheless is a customer Bill of Rights that may be referenced many times in their 2012 Annual Statement " JetBlue Airways is definitely dedicated to bringing humanity to air travel. All of us strive to help to make every part of your experience as easy and as nice as possible. However, there are times when issues do not proceed as organized. If you're inconvenienced as a result, we think it is important that you already know exactly what you can get from all of us. That's why we all created each of our Customer Expenses of Legal rights. These Rights will always be controlled by the highest amount of safety and security intended for our customers and crewmembers”. (Jet Green Airways, 2012, p. 12): When reviewing the two expression of company mission it seems that while Freebie southwest Airlines gives a very high-level statement of customer service and intentions of delivery. There are probably thousands of Mission Assertions across the country which might be very similar. Aircraft Blue on the other hand, has decided to forgo the regular Mission Assertion in favor of a Customer Bill of Rights. This approach starts with a simple statement of customer although expands that to address an intention to manage Customer discontentment. In the particular area of communicating to customers the corporate viewpoint Jet Blue has taken not only the conventional step of telling clients they are transfer but they have hot the extra step of letting them know that the company has established legislation of Rights that will offer customers redress when the company falls less than their goals. Jet Green states they are the first in support of airline supplying these benefits. (Jet Blue Airways, 2012, p. 12) Neither of the statements resolved the major subject areas from this week's text including Social Responsibility, Managing inside the Global Market, or Preparing in any way. As you start to dig into the company philosophies, you will find that Cultural Responsibility is actually a big element for equally Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. This does not is very much a big element of their promoting however. Major of promoting seems to be about customer satisfaction certainly not taking into account the very fact that many travellers might make travel choices based on environmental friendly considerations of the available airlines. There was several mention of Freebie southwest beginning to your global marketplace following the acquisition of Air Tran Airlines but it appears to be slow and methodical. Jet Green only lures to the Carribbean and a few urban centers in upper South America and Southern Central America. There was clearly no exploration of JetBlue growing its worldwide business. The Statements themselves do not give much regarding Organization and so as a standalone document/statement are not able to do much to drive proper decisions. JetBlue, by virtue of having more information relating to corporate result comes nearest to having the ability to drive tactical decisions. Should you examine the organization websites that discuss objective and costs of rights, you would realize that there is a significant amount of detail within the JetBlue web page with respect to corporate and business responsibility pertaining to bad performance but almost no on exactly where JetBlue desire to focus on success. (JetBlue Buyer Protection, 2012) Southwest contains a Web Site named One statement that provides a tremendous amount of clarity in the corporate vision and specific actions the company is taking on (Home - South west Airlines One Report,...

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