Advertising plan: SKN

 Marketing plan: SKN Dissertation

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Executive summary

SKN is a charitable trust that has a mission of helping children in third world countries. we have do this report to demonstrate SKN the things i going wrong yet also precisely what is going great, what they can improve and what kind of objectives they can set to enhance their number of contributions and how to reach the objective we have set to get SKN. The challenge of SKN is that it will not have a whole lot of regular contributor, and understanding of existence by people throughout the whole year and that is what gives SKN a low income. In the internal analysis we now have come up with ideas of how SKN can change that and how they can attract new standard donors through the whole 12 months. Another 8000 structural donors with an average donation of at least 60 pound a year in 2014-2016. By looking at the SWOT analysis this can be possible searching at the threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths. Opportunities such as the collaboration with other organizations, the utilization of new technology and high marketing during the Kinderpostzegels action can produce a big difference. Once SKN works together another business it actually reaches a lot of new potential donors that have not even noted about the existence of SKN and attract many new donors. In addition, it can make a of the quantity of donors through the different organizations which can lead to more donations. The other thing is to get rid of the threats and strengthen the weaknesses. Following we have completed this we now have made an Marketing strategy. (Paul Hofman)

Exterior analysis

Consumer Analysis

Client segments

The consumer segments We looked happen to be from the best 3 competition of SKN. 1 . Unicef

2 . Program Nederland

a few. SOS Kinderdorpen

Customer sections

1 . Unicef

The segments that Unicef is using for attaining their targets happen to be; - Demographic segment

- Psychographic section

There are several types of donors, which will Unicef differentiates with each other.  � $5, 00 - $74. 99

$75, 00 – $100, 00

$100. 01 - $4, 999

Major Donors / Major Prospective Contributor ($5, 000+)

Unicef is getting funds from numerous ways.

Income Unicef

You can see Unicef is also obtaining money from the other charity businesses and coming from selling many. Own income Unicef

sixty-eight percent in the money unicef is getting is from strength donors. The structural contributor are the most important for Unicef. Next to the structural contributor they get money coming from legacies, partnerships, reccuring items and charitable organisation events. Contributor Unicef


installment payments on your Plan Nederland

The five segments that Plan Nederland is applying are:


People with children

Young adults


Institutional Donors and Businesses

These segments are based on demogrpahic qualities. Plan Nederland is employing demographic segmentation. Plan Nederland has segmented their targets in various ways. Kids, teens and young adults from your age of 13-24 are approached through media projects that Plan Nederland has organized. Plan Nederland has a lot of projects who also involve children. As an example the ‘ Schaatsen voor water job ‘. This was a project which will let kids go ice skating to receive money via sponors to get other children in under developed countries which will don not need clean normal water to drink. Program has a trustfull image and is using mass media for journals and for visitors to be more aware about Plan Nederland. Plan functions for and with children in their immediate environment to fight low income. Permanent Little one's rights will be the starting point. Therefore , Plan pays particular focus on girls, since they are in many countries subordinated and discriminated. Plan feels that ladies can break the circuit of low income, if they have the same legal rights and opportunities as boys. Plan compensates special attention to girls in all of the projects. Girls are subordinated and discriminated in many countries. Program aims to provide girls a similar rights and opportunities as boys. Which is not only fair, but...

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