Laboratory Questions Phylum Annelida 2

 Essay in Lab Inquiries Phylum Annelida 2

п»їStinson, Margie

Biology 210

Lab Questions: Phylum Annelida

You will understand the answers to most of these questions in class and in laboratory.

Great reference:

1 ) What does the term annelida indicate?

2 . Recall, a number of the nematode earthworms appeared superficially to have exterior rings. Identify true segmentation in annelids. How may be the true segmentation in annelids differ from having rings surrounding the ectoderm as in nematodes?

three or more. What two layers of muscles are present in annelids?

Which will muscle level, present in platyhelminthes, is absent in annelids?

4. Earthworms (class oligochaeta) and marine polychaete worms (class polychaeta) have brush bristles (" chaetes”) protruding from other body sectors, while leeches (class hirudinea) lack these types of bristles. What is the function of these brush bristles (chaetes)?

5. Annelids have the subsequent type of coelom condition ____________

a. acoelous

b. pseudocoelous

c. schizocoelous eucoelous

m. enterocoelous eucoelous

Which additional phyla have this type of coelom?

6. Happen to be annelids covered with cuticle or with chitin?

How does cuticle differ from chitin?

Can annelids molt?

several. When an annelid grows with age, that increases their number of it is segments. Which end (anterior or posterior) of the worm has the recently formed segments?

8. Illustrate the annelid's digestive system [list the structures and their appearance, area and function].

9. Explain the annelid's circulatory program. Is it open up or closed? How various hearts will an earthworm have? Wherever are they located? Describe the way blood usually takes through the worm's body.

12. Describe the annelid's respiratory (gas exchange) system. Is there lungs? Gills? How does it accomplish gas exchange? Why do annelids have to stay in moist refuge?

11. Identify the excretory system of the annelid. How is this unlike what other worm phyla include...


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