Is It Worthy? Local Economies plus the Cruise Industry

 Is It Worthy? Regional Financial systems and the Sail Industry Essay


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Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean, 2 Korai St, Chios 82100, Greece

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Department of Shipping, Trade and Transfer, University in the Aegean, 2 Korai Street, Chios 82100, Greece

Tel. +30-22710-35275, Fernkopie +30-22710-35299, Email-based: [email protected] aegean. gr


The hanging around sector is characterized among the most speedily developing groups of delivery. Greece symbolizes one of the most popular cruise places in the Mediterranean region. Cruise trip activity in Greece is rolling out since the early 1930s for the top ocean going tourism destination in the EUROPEAN. Despite the superb maritime custom of Portugal, the nationwide economic stats available are limited to the collection of certain info. In 2003, the Slot of Piraeus hosted 543 calls by cruise ships holding 386. 500 passengers. Every single of this phone creates undiscovered economic impacts on the local economy. The aim of this daily news is to approximate the monetary impacts in the cruise sector in the region of Piraeus The technique used is dependent on interviews, studies, local monetary data and cruise activity statistics. Then simply, the influences are quantified in terms of: Careers, Personal salary, Business earnings and Point out and Local taxation. The conventional paper concludes while using estimations and comparisons to port having similar characteristics. Finally, this discusses plan implications as a result of the research findings.

Keywords: cruise trip sector, economic impact, the port of Piraeus.



The sail sector is considered as one of the the majority of promising sectors of the planet's economy specifically the speediest developing tourist sector as 1980 (Wild and Dearing 2000; Dwyer& Forsyth 98; Marti 2003), with a typical annual charge of development 8. 4% (Peisley, 2000). The progression of the planet's cruise can be, from four. 5 , 000, 000 in 1990 to being unfaithful. 5 mil in the year 2003, while in line with the existing estimations, cruise passengers are predicted to add up to 17million back in 2010 (Peisley, 2000). This growth, into a large extent, results from the transform of cruise trip companies' strategy which have lowered cruise do in order to promote demand (ICCL, 2003). In the past ‘'cruise'' was considered as a ‘'luxury product'' because of high cost and consequently it was addressed to high earnings. Henceforth, the profile with the consumer of the cruise package has modified considerably, and for this reason on the same cruise liner people of different economic statues may co-exist. (Marti, 2003). Despite the amazing growth of the cruise market particularly in the last decade, the favorable forecasts pertaining to future demand and the ‘'stamina'' to randomly events (the terrorist strike of 11/9, SARS, the war in Iraq etc), the cruise trip sector has not received the necessary scientific focus from ocean going economists (Dearing and Untamed, 2000; Wie, 2003). The impacts produced by luxury cruise activity are generally not limited to the country, the luxury cruise company benefits, but considerably more, they are propagate directly or indirectly, to countries/ areas visited by simply cruise ships. Up to recently the eye for the determination and quantification of those impacts to economy was limited, specifically to European countries, because the so far existed studies come from America, Canada and Australia. (Klein 2003; ICCL 2003; Dwyer & Forsyth 1998). Naturally , apart from the financial impacts which a national economy profits, cruise trip activity since every monetary activity, makes social and environmental effects as well. Raising are the alterations in all-natural and built environment: as an example the port's infrastructure serving cruise liners. Denature, can easily...

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