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 Essay about Info Technology

1: List five types of social media and there consumption

* Skype – video phone calls

5. Blackberry messenger – speak with friends

* Face book – socialize with individuals

2. YouTube – watch video clips

5. Twitter – keep track of persons

a couple of: five features of using Skype

* free connection

* may call across the world

* inexpensive to use (if you are a subscriber)

5. brings societies together

* has probability of be a great technology

3: five drawbacks of using Skype

* need internet access

5. has a negative effect on outside the house world exposure to others (just stay at home and chat with friends) * requirements to use this keep people from using it (computer, earphones, webcam) 2. no vocabulary translator

2. poor video quality

4: five advantages of Cell phone messenger

5. Carry on a real-time conversation with friends and fellow workers in several distinct locations or perhaps carry on many conversations concurrently. * Numerous application contacting companies

* Talk with a group.

2. Send and receive a limitless number of emails worldwide totally free with no per-message charge. * Get emails without completing your mailbox.

5: five disadvanges of Blackberry messenger

2. Can't give an instant concept to somebody unless you know his or her PIN code, the eight-digit letter-and-number code given to that particular Blackberry mobile phones device. 5. Only enables you to exchange instant messages with other BlackBerry users. * Just allows you to exchange instant text messages with other Blackberry mobile phones users. * Lack of face to face interaction and attention to one other * Miss-trust with lovers in relationship

6th: five benefits of using Face book

* With the help of Deal with book you may connect to each person from around the globe because nearly every people around the world use Face book. This provides you with us a chance to know more about their particular custom and tradition, lifestyle, religion and so forth * Face book ideal...



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