Essay regarding Master

 nathan_efc:  Eminem is definitely singing with faggots just like Lil Wayne nowadays  minecraftdude676:  lol

 sdfsdadsf:  lol

 boboumfoofoo:  lol

 xotiiks:  i appreciate when he gets to games with individuals that never know him  barrett_barrage:  JUST STATE " Babieca Umfoofoo" AGAIN  conkerplayer4life:  yes

 houndisback:  yea, just no longer message them...

 grace_1:  I include bronchitis

 houndisback:  HAHA already angry!


 boboumfoofoo:  lol

 sdfsdadsf:  lol

 natasoi:  lol therefore quick

 altin731:  Gold

 nathan_efc:  lol

 hindobeast94:  Why are these kinds of kids therefore aggressive

 zagy90:  brilliant

 nathan_efc:  an angry racist, like it.

 hindobeast94:  Hahaha

 Mod pixskull:  keep that rake karrit

» *rage

 sdfsdadsf:  How do you perform these amazing accents?

 nathan_efc:  Yep, karrit's certainly a chav...

 grace_1:  Hey head

» Skulll

 hindobeast94:  Keep reeling them in Karrit

 houndisback:  wow someone messaged them again?

 conkerplayer4life:  racist

 hindobeast94:  SPAM turtle is usually pro

 xotiiks:  im not selling drugs xD

 conkerplayer4life:  what

» why

 danrocks112:  dont send all of them messages that ruins it

 nathan_efc:  them fellas say this individual wasn't trolling them

 theskeduardo:  dont spam that blows his cover

 nathan_efc:  yet they were strong before...

 natasoi:  yeah dont give messages you kuntz

 sdfsdadsf:  tell them you need £100

» for a rip-off

 xotiiks:  THATS RACIST

 conkerplayer4life:  racist

 grace_1:  Byee have a nice time

 xotiiks:  haha

 fezwhatley:  I racisim =)

 Mod pixskull:  They think they are really cool getting racist but watch what are the results when they get put on Vimeo.  sdfsdadsf:  a tonada!

» hahaha

 imrandyy:  Europe pulls...

 conkerplayer4life:  what

 sdfsdadsf:  Europe is great

 imrandyy:  US is more preferable

 natasoi:  DALE GUNTHER

 megatroll1995:  US feels they're a lot better than everyone, they're wrong.  xotiiks:  europe is better you cunto

 imrandyy:  lol US is usually waaaaay better...

 natasoi:  kuntos are in the u. s. like me

 imrandyy:  what's a kunto?

 houndisback:  loool, i just researched eugene the librarian!!  xotiiks:  cuntos are called randys

 sdfsdadsf:  KUNTO

 automaton626:  KUNTO

 megatroll1995:  Cunto*

 3turtles:  europe, united states..... what is the differance  imrandyy:  but US is better than European countries....

 theskeduardo:  kunto's will be randy

 nathan_efc:  Same, Houndis LOOOOL

 natasoi:  lol i actually google eugene too hahahaha wow

 07dbry:  These guys arn't getting mad. Move on.

 sdfsdadsf:  tell them you could have aids

 conkerplayer4life:  lol

 nathan_efc:  sounds nothing like Eugene...

 sdfsdadsf:  and youre likely to give it to all of them

 natasoi:  lol

» oh my own lord

 megatroll1995:  US is filled with dumbasses

 xotiiks:  ha st?lla till med ett im not simon xD

 natasoi:  at least we never name ourself mega troll

 megatroll1995:  And that relates how?

 natasoi:  what the *** is that dewd man

 conkerplayer4life:  what

 megatroll1995:  What the hell is a Natasoi?

 natasoi:  do you kobold hard?

» in the snare

» examine backward bellend

 altin731:  Oy Great britain, how does it feel to get saved by America?  sdfsdadsf:  Call them a faggo

» fago

 jaymcinally:  *** off altin nobody cares.

 natasoi:  ^agreed

 theskeduardo:  im from ireland

 altin731:  You are merely jealous cause you dropped the revolutionary warfare  sdfsdadsf:  im coming from south east england

 conkerplayer4life:  what

 jaymcinally:  same.

 megatroll1995:  Altin, this is 2012, not 1940's

 sdfsdadsf:  lol

 nathan_efc:  Atlin, are you the group of americans that think you made the The english language language?  sdfsdadsf:  destroyed by a grenade

 xotiiks:  *** reason shut up about wars you *** idiot they will prove ***  altin731:  You took them coming from America clearly.

 natasoi:  lol

 megatroll1995:  He probaly can be one of them people

 tommm1:  altin quit living in the past this might not be the stone age lmao  jaymcinally:  altin i was not born if the revolutionary conflict was going on thus i dont give a ***. ...


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