Footwear Shiner

 Shoe Shiner Essay

The Feasibility of Charcoal and Coconut Essential oil As Sneaker Polish

Science Investigatory Project

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Prince Charles J. Sarta

Angelico Lemuel Galangan

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Mrs. Vilma Delino

Grms. 7-Love

After the economic crisis erupted at the end of 1990's right up until today, more people relatively shifted, or perhaps partly, applied traditional gasoline in cooking their food. There was a significant increase in demand for charcoal as fuel. Since then, a significant increase in supply of grilling with charcoal also reached the country. With this, the analysts find another use of the raw material, coconut petrol was believed to be useful as a shoe shine. T his study should determine the feasibility of charcoal and coconut olive oil as a boot polish. Using a mortar and pestle, dried charcoal blocks were pounded and powder. Meanwhile, by using a clean fabric, the milk was removed from the kernel, then collected in a clean container. The milk was then warmed until tha oil was formed. Charcoal and coconut oil were ready in three different solutions, Solution A has 7. 5 grms Charcoal and 2 . 5 mL coconut oil, Solution B features 2 . your five grams grilling with charcoal and several. 5 mL coconut essential oil, Solution C has 5 grams charcoal and a few mL coconut oil. 3 pairs of black animal skin underfoot, but not totally identical, had been used as being a sample for this study. Every single pair was applied with one answer labeled accordingly, The pairs of shoes had been observed for two weeks. Every pair was assessed texture, color, as well as the number of days the shine survived. Towards the end of my personal study, I found out that Solution C, composed of 5 grams charcoal and five mL of coconut oil, is the best likely ratio that can be used in organizing a good footwear polish. Shoes and boots A, used with Remedy A, turns into coarse and rough texture. It became darker black, but gave a small shine for the shoes. Shoes and boots B, utilized with Answer B, tuned into slimy and clean texture. More suitable amount of coconut essential oil than grilling with charcoal, made tha shoes junk and bright. But it added minimal color to the shoe, and did not last long. Sneakers C utilized with Option C, provided intensified dark-colored color for the shoes, offered it an easy texture, and retained the glossiness and looked polished for a much longer span time.


your five gramsCharcoal

5 mlCoconut Oil

Mortar and pestle


a) Preperation of A lot and Coconut Oil

Materials being used are gathered and also. Using a mortar and pestle, dried charcoal were sexed and powdered. The powdered charcoal was separated within a clean pot. Menwhile, pre-ginded kernel of mature coconut were drenched in hot water. Using a clean cloth, the milk was extracted through the kernel, after that collected within a clean box and cooled down. b)Preparation in the Solution

Three little bottles were prepared and labeled based on the ratio charcoal and coconut oil to become used. Grilling with charcoal was measured in a small wheighing scale, even though the commercial skin area oil was measured with a measuring glass. Solution A has six. 5 grams charcoal and 2 . five mL coconut oil. Answer B provides 2 . 5 grams charcoal and six. 5 milliliters coconut essential oil. And Remedy C features 5 grms charcoal and 5 milliliters coconut essential oil. c)Application from the Solutions

Three pairs of dark-colored leather shoes were chosen for the application of the perfect solution is. Each couple was tagged according to the page assigned to the different solutions prepared. The solutions had been applied with separate clean rags. Shoes or boots A were applied Remedy A. Sneakers B were applied with Solution N. And Shoes and boots C utilized with Answer C. d)Data Gathering And Assesment

The solutions were put aside for a few minutes after it was prepared, then simply characteristics were observed. The three pairs of black animal skin underfoot were observed for two weeks. each set was evaluated texture, color and the number of days the shine last. Observations and assessment were documented everyday to update the...


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