Exploitation Purposes (Prostitution) in The southern area of Africa Just before, During & After the 2010 Fifa Universe Cup Game titles

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 Exploitation Reasons Prostitution in Southern Africa Before, During  Following your 2010 Fifa World Cup Games Essay

SANTAC Speedy Assessment

within the possible Misuse & Trafficking of Children for Sexual

Fermage Purposes (Prostitution) in The southern part of Africa

before, during & after the 2010 FIFA World Cup Games

The case of Zambia & Namibia

conducted from This summer to Sep. 2008

Shown at SANTAC Regional & National Seminar on Preventions Interventions against Child Trafficking:

Sharing Lessons Learned and Developing Ways Forward

Pestana Rovuma Lodge and Seminar Centre, Maputo 8-9 April. 2008 by simply Merab Kambamu Kiremire

Initiator/Director of MAPODE

(Movement of Community Actions for the Prevention and Protection of Young People against Poverty, Decheance, Diseases & Exploitation) Nyimba, zambia, Uganda & Namibia)

Vp of SANTAC General Set up

P. To. Box 40833, Windhoek, Namibia

E-mails: [email protected] co. uk, [email protected] na;


• This study followed the Maputo Dec. 2007

Referral System mtng which identified that:

• Soccer, today, as the World's modern-day Mega

sport, stands as the utmost popular sporting event

• It appeals to millions & millions of business &

person financiers, players, administrators &


• It generates billions after billions of income

• This commands cultural, economic & political electricity

and impact

Background: TIMORE World Glass, Leisure & Tourism

- Like all the other games, soccer games will be closely associated with leisure

-So, during these Community Cup game titles, it is not the particular players, sports administrators and national authorities representatives who also travel intended for the game titles but countless soccer joie travel to observe the video games too.

-During and after the games, this kind of travelers as well take time to others, see fresh places and indulge in modern-day pleasures of good food, buying, site-seeing and learning the euphoric pleasures.

-Consequently, by its very nature, sports is linked to tourism

-Such leisure and indulgence, in many cases, encompasses love-making


That is why such moves are linked to the contemporary craze of love-making tourism in any other case popularly termed as sex


Background (cont)

• Every 4 years FIFA organizes/hosts World Cup

games within a chosen member nation

• The last Community Cup video games took place in Germany

in 2006

• For the first time in the great FIFA the African

Region, will, this season host the earth Cup,

along with all their global fraternity, in

Johannesburg, South Africa

• Angola will certainly host the African Cup of Nations in

which 48 of the 53 African Nations will be


• Determining games will probably be played in several South

Photography equipment cities as well as neighbouring countries

such as Makalamabedi, botswana, Namibia and Mozambique

SANTAC Rapid Assessment Question

• Is 2010 WC all good news to

Southern Africa?

• What else could possibly be strapped in FIFA 2010 Games'

Shoulder muscles?

Justification from the question: Lessons from the Germany World Glass Games Sports, Prostitution & Human Trafficking

• Within the eve of the 2006 The german language World Glass, the

Chief executive of the German born Police Union, Konrad

Freiberg observed the fact that demand for prostitutes and

the influx of prostitutes considerably increased

• Germany's response was regulation of prostitution

before the WC online games

• The 4 week Germany WC tournament can be believed to

have remaining huge growth on Germany's sex sector with

around 40, 500 young women/girls mainly by

poorer European countries – many of whom had been

believed beneath age young ladies

• It was an international cultural catastrophe, particularly in terms of ladies and kids human privileges and

sociable, economic and political growth

Justification (cont): the link to prostitution & trafficking for sexual fermage

• Interpol estimates that today, human trafficking may be the

third greatest source of earnings for transnational criminal

businesses after medication trafficking and weapons

smuggling, fetching as much as US$19 billion-a-year.

• Us State Section data indicates that

each year...


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