Clarify the Concepts of Equal rights, Diversity and Rights in Relation to Health and Social Care

 Explain the Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Legal rights in Relation to Health and Social Proper care Essay

BTEC Extended Diploma Health and Cultural Care

Product 2: Equal rights, diversity and rights in health and sociable care. P1, P2, P3, M1- Principles and discriminatory and anti-discriminatory practices. 6th November 2012

By Style Kirby.

Material Page:

Webpage 3 – 5

Component 1(P1): Explains concepts of equality, selection and privileges in relation to health and social attention. Page a few – almost 8

Part 2(P2): Describes discriminatory practices in health and cultural care. Webpage 9 --

Part 3(P3): Describes the effects of discriminatory practice can easily have in staff and individuals applying health and cultural care. Web page

Portion 4(M1): Measure the effects about those using the service of three different discriminatory techniques in health insurance and social proper care settings.

Part1 (P1): Clarifies concepts of equality, selection and rights in relation to into the social treatment. In this record will assess how Equal rights, diversity and rights combine into the health and/or cultural care sector and how it really is benefited by all associates of personnel, service users or patients in every single health and social treatment settings. Equal rights is being corresponding to everyone else, specially in rights, status or possibilities. There are regulations in place to ensure that every individual is definitely treated equally this includes organisations having equal rights policies to reinforce the concept. Selection is taking and improving differences among yourself and also other individuals around you. This means that most people are recognised to be different which is valued and respected. Rights are legal entitlements. For example , a person has a directly to live in culture without being abused or anxious because of their race, beliefs, male or female, sexuality or perhaps disabilities. ‘Working in the health and social treatment sector, equal rights, diversity and rights have reached the primary of everything you will be doing. These terms embrace all individuals using the health and care sectors and every person working within just them. It is essential that people functioning within into the social proper care recognise the necessity to treat every person equally no matter what their male or female, race, values, sexuality, grow older, disability, ethnicity, sexual positioning, education, language, background or perhaps skin coloring. ' In Britain they have truly expand its multicultural society using a huge variety of different types of cultures and backgrounds who have live and work nationwide. ‘In total, 6. your five per cent with the British human population consists of cultural minorities. The British inhabitants is made up of the following ethnic organizations: * Light – 53, 074, 500 (includes Irish, Polish, Italian, etc) 2. Black Carribbean – 490, 000

2. Black African – 376, 000

2. Black Other – 308, 000

2. Indian – 930, 000

* Pakistaner – 663, 000

* Chinese – 137, 500

* Bangladeshi – 268, 000

* Other Asian – 209, 000 (includes Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai) * Various other – 424, 000 (people who would not think that they fitted the above categories)' With Britain becoming so various it has a lot of benefits to being so multicultural just like; the arts, diet, education, language, tolerance, social cohesion and cultural richness. ‘The artistry provide a beneficial way of delivering diversity to a wide market. For example , films made in other countries may demonstrate lifestyle from around the world in a contact form that is simple to interpret and might intrigue and educated people about various other cultures. Museums and displays also provide an understanding of cultures coming from around the world, earlier and present. Plays and also other theatrical performances can bring an event of contemporary community culture. All of these things will help us figure out and appreciate ‘difference'. With knowledge from your arts a person doing work in health and social care can develop a much deeper understanding of range. ' ‘Another good reason to relish a multicultural society is definitely its foodstuff. In a new survey in Britain the Chinese dish Chow Mein was identified the most liked food, with Indian food being the other key choice. Actually these two food...


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