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Writing an Essay

How you can Write a Detailed Essay

How to Write a Detailed Essay

Choose a character from a story you have go through recently. Explain how the novelist presents and describes the character and how the smoothness grows and changes throughout the novel. Discuss any lessons the character understands and how this connects to the main concept of the the book. In this section we are going to take a look at how to set a detailed answer to an dissertation question. Once writing an answer to an dissertation question, it is important to make sure you comprehend the question and answer that directly and fully. The strongest documents have basic arguments which can be well reinforced with data from the book – generally either quotations or explanations of activities and style.

Analysing the question

one particular When you are offered an essay question, the vital thing to do is definitely analyse problem to find out precisely what it's asking you to do. Look at the essay question above and underline all of the key words. Review your solution to the one listed below. Did you underline the same words? Pick a character () from a novel you have read lately. Explain the way the novelist shows (2) and describes (3) the character and how the character grows and changes (4) throughout the novel. Go over any lessons (5) the character learns and exactly how this connects to the primary theme (6) of the new.


three or more

Look again at the terms that have been underlined. These tell you exactly what you are required to write in the essay. Use the expressions in the box to complete the notes. besides making his/her first appearance it will not have to be the primary character the particular character does not learn comment on the lack of alter metaphors, similes, satire and irony

write about 1 character simply. () ____________________. 2 look at the first time the smoothness is introduced in the book (2) ____________________. a few look at the way the author uses dialogue, activities and literary devices, one example is (3) ________________ ____. 5 look at any changes in the persona. With a minimal character right now there may not be any important adjustments. This is fine, but you need to (4) ____________________. 5 response this issue – does the character learn anything significant from his/her experiences? You may also want to discuss (5) ____________________ (eg, Captain Ahab in Moby Dick fails to understand that his obsession will end in disaster).

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Publishing an Composition

How to Create a Detailed Composition


Check out these essay questions. Underline the key terms. What exactly are you being asked to write regarding? Which essay do you think would be the easiest to publish? Why?

Consider the significance of money in Middlemarch. Discuss the good and bad uses of money in the novel and discuss just how it influences people's choices.

2 Go over the difficulties involved in ‘making an excellent marriage' since described in Middlemarch. Think about the difference between what people are searching for in a marriage and the fact of marriage. Take two examples from the novel and describe the difficulties faced by the two couples.

3 Go over the character of Ahab in Moby Dick. He is obstinate, selfish, revengeful and harmful, but occasionally we think pity intended for him. Explore both sides in the man, his obsession great humanity.

4 Discuss how a narrator, Ishmael, gradually presents us to the world of captain Ahab and the superb white whale in Moby Dick. Exactly how are other people's descriptions and stories used to introduce the personas before they make a direct physical appearance?

An example

Go through an answer to the question in exercise 1 above based on Dickens' novel Our Mutual Good friend. Does the solution cover each of the points featured in the problem? Use the...


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