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Dacy Milligan

May several, 2015

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Noble Coat of Arms Investigation Questions

1 ) What does the big cat represent? For what reason would the rulers of England incorporate so many of these on the Coating of Forearms? The big cat symbol represents multiple activities such as; royalty, electricity, strength, bravery, ferocity, and majesty. The rulers included multiple big cat symbols because particular symbol signifies England, Norwegian, and Aquitaine. These 3 locations will be associated with the Uk crown.

installment payments on your What does the fleur-de-lis represent? Why is it featured for the Coat of Arms of British rulers? The fleur-de-lis symbol signifies France as a whole. The British had an connections with the France, so they had the fleur-de-lis on their layer of arms, and this is why the symbol is definitely featured for the arms of British rulers

3. Why is the Irish harp featured on the Cover of Forearms?

The Irish harp mark represents Irelands place in britain.

4. What does the unicorn represent? Why would the rulers of England choose a unicorn to support all their shield? The Unicorn was a Scottish mark, and they chose the unicorn showing that they got conquered and ruled Scotland.

5. How come the unicorn have a chain around its neck?

The sequence is around it's neck since it considered to be an untamed beast.

6. The Coat of Arms comes with two terms, " Blessed are the peacemakers” and " Shame to him whom evil considers. ” Choose one of these keyword phrases and describe why a ruler might prefer it a part of a cover of arms. To me the primary reason " Blessed are the peacemakers” is included for the reason that ruler is attempting to state which the safety of his kingdom is very important to him and peace is a number one issue.

`7. Research one of the shades featured in the Coat of Arms. Based upon what the color represents, describe why it might be used in a royal coating of arms. I chose to analyze the color platinum, and as Used to do my research I found away gold represents generosity and elevation of the mind. This color is usually...


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