Danone Case Study

 Danone Case Study Essay

1 . Employing suitable promoting terminology, identify and describe the Irish market place Danone aimed at throughout the market entry stage.

Irrespective of agriculture being one of Ireland's main industrial sectors, in the past the intake of fresh milk produce was remarkably low. Even today, there is certainly only 10. 2 kgs of refreshing dairy products consumed per household as compared to regarding France wherever 33. 2 Kilos of fresh dairy food are consumed.

When Danone researched the feasibility of entering the fresh dairy industry in Ireland, they located an untapped market. That they saw there is potential in the fresh milk market high was a the least competition and therefore the opportunity to get high revenue, profits and product development.

In order to enter the Irish new dairy market, Danone needed to understand the marketplace segments inside the industry and set about locating gaps in the segmentation. Market gap analysis includes looking at various portions such as physical segmentation, (which showed Irish consumption of dairy products was low in comparison to mainland Europe), market, psychographical and behavioural segmentation. It was the analysis in the behavioural segmentation in Ireland in europe which demonstrated most useful in identifying where the opportunities lay down for Danone.

Consumers had been becoming more and more motivated by health issues and had been seeking out products which helped to maintain physical health and well being. Danone targeted the consumers developing desire for the healthy choice by offering the Actimel manufacturer as a healthy and balanced way to begin the day.

Danone's advertising set about positioning the Actimel range as a healthier option for lunch break by highlighting the clearly defined benefits of ingesting yogurts with the subtext from the advertising changing the traditional belief of fat free yogurt being just for dessert.


2 . Establish and explain what is intended by the terms R& G and Marketing Research. Use examples make up the Danone example to support your answer.

R& D (research and development) can be defined as " Investigative actions that businesses choose to carry out with the objective of making a discovery that may either bring about the development of new items or types of procedures, or to the improvement of existing products or procedures. ”(answers. com) R& D can be carried out in order to expand a company's production or functions so that the business may encounter future development and market share.

Danone realized the importance of Research and Development also to that end has founded a dedicated exploration facility in France called Danone Vitapole. " To keep the Groupe's long-term competitive advantage, Danone Research is regularly challenged to provide products with meaningful differentiation in terms of health and nutritional benefits, packaging, feel, taste and sensory signature…”(Danone. com)

At Danone Vitapole, experts examine and determine new stresses of bacterias and check out new products which in turn boost the human body's immune system and tackle common ailments just like stress or perhaps intestinal disorders. This studies have led to the discovery of L. Blocului Imunitass, which in turn helps reinforce the body's intestinal tract balance, and thereafter to the launch of Danone Actimel which quickly grew to become the top fresh milk brand in Ireland.

Danone's R& G mission is to " create tomorrow's improvements to ensure Groupe Danone's upcoming, giving usage of products that consumers choose for their health and nutritional rewards and prefer for his or her taste” (Danone. com).

Online, Danone include listed all their R& G mission in the fresh dairy products division because: - Raise the health-nutrition rewards associated with blockbusters. - Identify new health advantages to help build tomorrow's advancement. - Backup these improvements with scientific studies and trials. - Support local groups in terms of advancement and variation of quality recipes.

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