Consumer Behavior

 Consumer Habit Essay


Kellogg's organization invented simply by William Kellogg in 1894 is one of the major producer of ready-to-eat-cereal and leader manufacturer of convenience foods that exist across South and Central America, Southern East Asia, Africa, European countries and Canada. Kellogg's provides a wide target audience where they have a wide range of goods. Kellogg has placed an excellent emphasis on medical and credibility of its products where they may have introduced in the market:

Kellogg's Unique K company a ‘good source of fibre' is directed at women who happen to be health conscious about their body weight attracting a lot of shoppers and therefore has been a success to the company. The Special K brand includes a variety of items; Cereals

Original Food

Low Fat Granola.

Red Berries

Cinnamon Pecan

Protein cereal

Chocolatey Delight


Fruit and Yoghurt

Vanilla Salted peanuts

Honey and Oats


" Learning may be the process of Learning through encounter which leads for an enduring difference in behaviour. ” (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2010, p. 732). Learning is described as acquiring expertise, skill or perhaps quality through studying and experience which in turn influences a permanent change in behavior. The learning Theories looked at are definitely the Cognitive, Efficient and Behavioural Theories exactly where it is shown how a marketing mix influences them. Cognitive Learning Theory

The Cognitive Learning Theory starts to explain human behaviour by understanding the mental process that underlies learning. This happens when information method in the initial memory is stored in the long-term storage.

Diagram 1 . 1 Cognitive learning theory cycle.


Kellogg's Special K cereal is in category of breakfast. Kellogg's first launched Unique K Healthy proteins Plus a rice flake cereal that's a high source of fibre. The Unique K cereal targets operating class females with health insurance and weight conscious bodies aspiring to lose weight and wanting a simple healthy food. It is an understood concept of the particular needs and benefits needed by their customers and to showcase their Exceptional K merchandise, perception is definitely implemented exactly where according to Michael R Solomon (2005), " Notion is the procedure by which sensations are picked, organized and interpreted, ” where discomfort is response of our physical receptors which can be our eyes, ears, nostril, taste and touch. To make recognition because of their brand that they invested in a whole lot of advertisements. Special T need identification can also be known as their issue recognition wherever they recognized their products capacity to be able to resolve or assist with women's problem/desire to lose weight, whether or not they are employing other goods, special T attractive and bold adverts aim should be catch all their attention using their innovative images. When encountered with the Exceptional K cereal the brand will probably be /exposed for the consumer and recognition will occur. With the knowledge that they are interested or features problems with their very own weight management and having a concept that the product may help with the interest or problem their desire for reducing your weight will increase along with looking the product. Require Recognition Picture

In order to build reputation for their manufacturer Kellogg invested in promotions; advertising and marketing. In order to develop and instill knowledge about the Special K product Kellogg used advertisements and cards for example in bus halts, when these targeted individuals are stuck awaiting their travel arrival they might by pass their time looking at the Particular K Advertisements or posters with their data which will in that case be caught in their heads as well having posters up in fitness classes since all their target are at women who have concerns with fitness and health. They also have huge screen exhibits in...


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