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Chapter 9 Pondering, Language, and Intelligence


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1 ) In looking for and purchase high-quality cosmetics, Megan reminds herself that the most expensive brands are the best. Megan's self-reminder illustrates the use of:

d. a heuristic.

2 . Because he erroneously believes that older personnel are not because motivated while younger staff to knuckle down, a manufacturing plant foreman is very vigilant for just about any signs of apathy among his senior workers. His guidance strategy ideal illustrates:

c. confirmation tendency.

3. A defense attorney emphasizes into a jury that her consumer works full-time, supports his family, and enjoys leisure-time hobbies. Although non-e of the information is pertinent to the trial, it is made to make the defendant appear to be an average member of the local community. The lawyer is quite clearly trying to take advantage of:

d. the representativeness heuristic.

5. Prompt opinions regarding your efficiency on mindset practice testing is most likely to inhibit: a. overconfidence.

5. When her professor did not recognize that Judy had her hand brought up for a problem, Judy began to think her professor was unfriendly. Although she subsequently learned that the professor's limited vision held him from seeing her raised side, she ongoing thinking the professor was unfriendly. Judy's reaction finest illustrates:

m. belief perseverance.

6. Oral sounds that are not included in their native vocabulary first start to disappear by usage during the ________ level of dialect development.

g. babbling

several. Exposure to language during a crucial period is usually conducive for effectively establishing the settings of a child's:

d. terminology acquisition device.

8. Throughout a lecture, the professor says, " A kid learns language as he treats caregivers. " This common use of the pronoun " he" is more likely to result in images of...


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