BBKN3103 Session September Job 2014 Final

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Faculty: OUM Business College

Semester September / 12 months 2014

Program Code: BBKN3103

Course Name: Business Connection

Title: Evaluation on The Importance of Good Interaction and How to Increase Good Connection Between Groups in Business Business

Matric Not any: 721216105443001

NRIC No: 721216-10-5443

Telephone No: 0196631155

Email: [email protected] edu. my

Learning Centre: Wide open University Malaysia, Petaling Jaya

Body of Contents

1 . 0Introduction2

2 . 0Discussion within the forms of connection and the info 3 network in business

2 . 1Internal Operational Communication4-5

2 . 1 . 1Upward Communication5

2 . 1 . 2Downward Communication5-6

2 . 1 . 3Horizontal Communication6

2 . 2External Operational Communication6

installment payments on your 3Informal Outside the house Communication 6-7

2 . 4Personal Communication8

a few. 0Discussion in group and functions of group characteristics in business8-9

3. zero. 1Group Membership9

3. zero. 2Group Size9

3. 0. 3Group Atmosphere9-10

3. 1Problem Solving10-11

several. 2Decision Making11

3. 3Branstorming11-12

4. 0Discussion on the significance of good connection between13-15 groups in business

your five. 0Recommendations on how groups can easily improve communication15-16

5. 1Encourage Open Feedback15

5. 2Use Simple Language15-16

5. 3Overcoming Barriers16

six. 0Conclusion16-17


1 . 0Introduction

This Efficiency Evaluation links the seminary's expectations of professional personnel to real performance. The principal objective from the evaluation should be to assist in professional development by identifying strong points and areas for improvement. Evaluations permit management to evaluate an individual's job performance and at the same time has to obtain feedback through the employee to ascertain...

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