Replicate Of TurnItIn And Moodle IMPORT

 Copy Of TurnItIn And Moodle IMPORT Essay

IfВ youВ areВ experiencingВ aВ TurnВ itВ inВ ClassВ ExpiryВ message: В В InВ MoodleВ fromВ yourВ homeВ pageВ goВ toВ ALLВ COURSESВ В thenВ seeВ below: В ChooseВ AreaВ andВ thenВ clickВ onВ AddВ aВ NewВ CourseВ В

FillВ inВ theВ AppropriateВ CourseВ FullВ nameВ andВ ShortВ NameВ В­В varyВ fromВ origininalВ CourseВ CategoryВ В­В chooseВ SecondaryВ NorthВ etc…В


YouВ willВ makeВ theВ courseВ VisibleВ В­В PleaseВ NoteВ thatВ inВ yourВ " old” courseВ thisВ isВ theВ sameВ screenВ whereВ youВ editВ toВ makeВ theВ oldВ versionВ notВ visibleВ, В chooseВ hideВ­В afterВ theВ creationВ ofВ theВ newВ moodle. В В В

OnceВ theВ GeneralВ infoВ andВ DescriptionВ (optional)В isВ completeВ moveВ toВ theВ AdministrationВ panel. В



YouВ willВ getВ aВ listВ andВ yourВ courseВ mightВ beВ thereВ ifВ openedВ recentlyВ otherwiseВ useВ theВ SearchВ bar: В

YouВ willВ thenВ beВ takenВ toВ aВ screenВ toВ chooseВ theВ existingВ MoodleВ CourseВ toВ IMPORTВ toВ yourВ currentВ Shell. В В

FollowВ theВ PromptsВ­В ClickВ Continue, В thenВ onВ theВ nextВ pagesВ DOВ NOTВ В uncheckВ В anyВ boxesВ andВ clickВ NEXTВ inВ theВ bottomВ rightВ sideВ ofВ theВ screen. В DoВ theВ sameВ onВ eachВ pageВ untilВ youВ reachВ theВ screenВ thatВ saysВ PERFORMВ IMPORT. В ClickВ onВ itВ andВ youВ areВ doneВ theВ importingВ ofВ theВ Content. В В

LikeВ AllВ newВ MoodlesВ youВ NeedВ toВ setВ yourВ EnrolmentВ Methods: В В UnderВ UsersВ chooseВ EnrolmentВ MethodsВ

ManualВ EnrolmentВ isВ forВ YOUВ andВ forВ youВ toВ manuallyВ addВ otherВ teachers. В ClickВ toВ OpenВ theВ eyeВ andВ В clickВ onВ theВ bodyВ withВ theВ +. В addВ yourselfВ andВ anyВ otherВ teachers. В ScreenВ shotВ onВ nextВ pageВ

BeВ sureВ toВ makeВ yourselfВ teachersВ asВ youВ addВ yourselfВ across. В В

OpenВ theВ eyeВ forВ StudentВ

enrolmentВ soВ yourВ

studentsВ canВ reВ­enrolВ inВ

thisВ courseВ

OnceВ studentВ selfВ

enrolmentВ EyeВ isВ openВ clickВ onВ theВ gearВ besideВ itВ andВ youВ canВ setВ yourВ studentВ enrolmentВ KeyВ В


FindingВ aВ teacherВ (В yourself)В orВ otherВ andВ addingВ toВ enrolledВ userВ. В BeВ sureВ toВ MakeВ yourselfВ aВ teacherВ andВ...


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