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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

MKT/421 - Marketing

17 June 2006


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Marketing Tactics

How can one make a decision what needs to go in a marketing plan? Exactly where does one start? One has to know what makes up advertising. There is advertising tactics and marketing strategy. Strategy is where a firm tries to find approaches to motivate, get in touch with, and sell into a target market and tactics is the actual techniques the strategy is executed. Therefore , best places start when setting up a promoting plan is the tactical procedure.

Marketing tactics has several elements which are product, price, promotion, and place. These four elements will be the nuts and bolts of building a successful strategy which will inform prospective customers regarding the organization and reasons why this organization is the one to purchase this product from. The requires of customers are met in these four aspects of the marketing mix: Item, Price, Advertising, and Place.


Product is an actual good, a service, or even a concept (McCarthy, E. J., & Perrault, W. D., 2004). First a firm has to have the best product to build up that will meet the customer's needs. There are product areas of decision such as branding, packaging, products, warranties and such that have being addressed before the product is launched. But not all products will be physical items but rather services that gratify a clients needs. The Army offers a service to people to defend america and its persons. The youth of the United States make up the labor force in this service. We were holding market aiimed at join the Army through feelings of patriotism and values of home, family members, friends, and careers.

We have a life cycle of a product that traverses and begins as: the introduction of a product, industry launch, the product's client growth, industry...

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